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Library materials that can be borrowed with a valid ICO ID include: books; reserves; audio books; DVDs; microforms; bound periodicals; scientific calculators; headphones; laptops; easels; lenses; and brain, skull and eye models. Clickers are no longer available for checkout from the Library. Rare books may be viewed in the Library Reading Room, but are not available to be checked out. One self-checkout station is located on each floor of the Library to check out books and bound periodicals.


Alumni are welcome to use Library material in-house. 

See our Services page for more information.


Librarians are available to help with downloading Library-related apps to mobile devices. Two charging stations are available, one on each floor of the Library.


Food and drinks (with lids) are permitted in the Library. Please be considerate of others.


Library study rooms can be reserved for up to four hours at a time. Please do not occupy a room without signing up on the sheet on the door; the sheet will be the only consideration in determining whether a room has been reserved. It is suggested that study rooms be used for quiet study and for parties of two or more.


Two printer/copier/scanner/fax machines are located in the Library, one on each floor. These are available to students with valid ID cards.


The College loads $25 per academic year onto the ID cards of first-, second-, and third-year students, and $10 onto fourth-year students' cards. Black-and-white printing/copying costs are $0.08/page; color is $0.40/page.


For technical support with printers, contact the IS department at ext. 7500 or


Both the first and second floors of the Library are wireless throughout. The IS department can assist with the initial wireless setup of mobile devices; computers need the up-to-date operating systems and virus protection in order to be able to utilize the campus wireless network. Login is the same as desktop network logins.


The ICO Library uses the APA citation format.


Listed below are some useful websites to locate information on copyright.

  • US Copyright Office information:

    The US Copyright office has information about the law, how to register and other basic information.

  • Publisher copyright statements:

    This database rates each publisher on two aspects of copyright: the author's ability to post open access preprints or post prints of their own papers; it also provides a helpful link to the copyright statement of individual publishers.

  • Get Permission-Copyright Clearinghouse Center:

    Search for and obtain permission to use and share content from the world's leading titles in science, technology, medicine, humanities, news, business, finance and more.

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